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My Blog Set-up

Published May 26, 2020

I was planning to set-up a blog from my college days onwards.its been 5 years since I’m out of college.since I’m a miser person, I was always looking for cheapest hosting service 😎
also I don’t want the headaches of hosting like

  • server management
  • database management
  • backups
  • hosting/bandwidth/scalability/users

And I have found solution for all this, for server management we can choose some hosting services like GitHub/Gitlab pages or Netfly..etc. and for database management, for a simple blog or personal website like mine there is no need of database at all. we can use static site generators for it. I have used Hugo, which is the fastest framework for building static sites, which built on top of fastest Go. for backups of static sites their repo itself act as backup and provide easy portability in future. then comes the hosting/scalability/users part which is somewhere we need to spend money. but thanks to GitHub pages they providing free hosting for public repos and hence it will automatically manage the rest of things. and also they support custom domains
so only money I had to spend for my website, is the money for domain “”
The theme used for this site is called devise developed by Austin Gebauer