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Open Alternative, Not Ban

Published July 7, 2020

So this blog is my personal opinion on recent ban of apps in India, Due to the border conflicts with China. Openly saying I am against this ban, rather than ban people must aware about consequences of using such closed source apps. And people must aware that not only apps in this list raise security issues said by the Government, all those closed source apps out there raises different kind of security and privacy issues to us as a individual

  • Importance of Your Data

    Data has been described as the new oil of the digital economy, different type of data about an individual grouped together can act as digital double of that person, Next question is what kind of data, so everything about you is a data like, what you eat,drink, see, listen, browse, like, dislike, your health, where you go ?, everything you do, is data about you

  • Who is looting/taking it from you ?

    The GAFAM companies. when comparing tik-tok to the data these companies taking from us, we can understand how small was tik-tok and other banned app’s user base was, even they are also looting us… what people forgetting is

    “If You’re Not Paying For It, You Become The Product”

    so I am trying to make list of open alternatives for the famous closed source application and services

    closed source open source
    google searx
    facebook daispora
    youtube peertube
    instagram pixelfed
    twitter mastodon
    whatsapp riot
    gdrive nextcloud
    gmail disroot
    android lineage
    playstore f-droid
    mail client k-9 mail
    docs, office 365 cryptpad
    xender, share it web drop
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