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These are my hobby projects 👏

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  • Railgadi BOT

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    This is a telegram BOT built with python and telegram bot framework this bot provides lots of functionalites provided by NTES inside telegram

  • MSM

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    This is a android app built on top of Dart and Flutter This app helps to manage our media servers like emby/jellyfin/plex/kodi…etc Works on top of ssh, No further setup needed in server

  • Rock Paper Scissor

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    This is a game app built with Vue and p2p Game can be played here No server needed,No storage needed,Just peer to peer

  • Djnago Update Checker & MS Teams Notifier

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    This is a forkable github action to track django’s security updates and new releases from django’s official News & Events portal & notify alerts in configured MS Teams channel No servers needed 🤞